“Let me tell you, Paula has the perfect voice for storytelling-this book needs to be on audio too, because, I can say from experience, Paula takes you right along with her.She speaks from such a real way from her heart. And you can’t help but FEEL every nuance, every intonation, every emotion with her. Paula just LOVES life. This is why she draws you like a magnet into her world. She inspires, understands people at a profound level, and has a contagious curiosity and a wonderful compassion and kindness for humanity. Paula always leaves me feeling better. Thank you Paula for weaving me into the beautiful tapestry of your life.” - Tracy Roberts, Transforemational Life Coach

“I met Paula when she was in her late teens back in Rock Island Illinois. She started coming to my ballet classes I was teaching while I was in Chiropractic College. During this time I heard about a young boy who was giving Peace and went to Chicago to get it from him. I had never been so Happy! Paula and another guy noticed the profound change in me, and wanted to hang out with me to talk about this happiness.Then the young boy was to speak again in Tucson, Arizona and we all went. Paula was so stuck by the love of this young boy that she also received the techniques of Inner peace. She travled and stayed in other countries with a single focus, to let people know that Peace is Possible. Congratulations on your book!! It is so beautiful, and so like you.” - Dr. Larry Quell DC/ Quantium field life coach

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