What Are You Doing With Your Life?

Know Thyself

My book is about what really matters in this life and that is YOU. I share with you facts and stories for you to get to know yourself from within.

You were already born with all you need right inside you. It is time to stop the searching once and for all and use the guidelines of this book to turn that light on so you might see and not keep getting hurt by the obstacles in the dark.

Through this book you will learn:

  • To be warriors of your inner battles.
  • How you are searching for Self Peace and where to find it.
  • The tricks of the bad wolf and the power of the good wolf.
  • Your own inner assets of your heart.
  • How to learn more about your assets through an award winning program called THE PEACE EDUCATION PROGRAM.

About the Author

I am an advocate for Peace under the guidance of Prem Rawat “Global Ambassador of Peace” for more than 45 years. 

I am a Licensed trainer. I have traveled extensively to many countries to train from Shamans, monks, medicine men and so many more. I have been doing small private retreats for years.

I work with an online distributing company called “Atomy” Natural Korean skincare and daily necessities.

I am a mother of two children and a grandmother of 4 grandchildren.

What Are You Doing With Your Life?

Know Thyself

Chapter 1: The Beginning Before Your Birth

Facts of birth bringing forth a conscious look at what and who is most important.

Chapter 2: How Many You Will Get

A fact that is The wake up call to the reality of your days here on earth.

Chapter 3: The Musk Deer

Story of the life of the Musk Deers search.

Chapter 4: A Child’s Drawing

True story of a 5 year olds idea of God.

Chapter 5: Introduction to Thirst

A young boy introduces me to another kind of thirst going on within me that needs to be quenched.

Chapter 6: The Power of Love

A conversation with Jeremy Gilly founder of Peace Day and Prem Rawat Ambassador of Peace.

Chapter 7: The Hidden Secrets of Water

True facts about water discovered by a scientist Masaru Emoto.

Chapter 8: Our Inner Obstacles

From Bankok to the Rockies I tell stories of the obstacles that effected my life.

Chapter 9: Your Potential

About your own power of choice and what to choose to get out of your darkness.

Chapter 10: Exceptional Thoughts

From Exceptional Authors and Motivational Speakers Quotes from all these exceptional famous people.

Chapter 11: Global Ambassador of Peace Prem Rawat

Introduction to Prem Rawat and his award winning and outstanding achievements for his service to Humanity.

What Are You Doing With Your Life?

Know Thyself

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